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Nsfaf portal

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nsfaf portal

However, applicants who intend to study Education and Law should obtain an E in English in grade 12 as per sub-section Applicants should at least be 23 years old. Mature Age Entry is restricted to local Institutions only. Pre or bridging programmes will only be considered if the programme is a pre-requisite of the formal programmes. In the event, where the pre-programme is only implemented for the students who did not meet the requirements of the actual programme, then application for those students will not be considered.

Applicants should provide proof of parental income, if unemployed a declaration under oath should be provided. Foreign qualifications including grade 12 certificates should be submitted with an evaluation from Namibia Qualification Authority NQA attached to the application forms.

Applicants students that are employed and studying part-time or distance may be funded depending on the field of study. Financial assistance will be in the form of tuition fees only. Only Applicant applying to study full time at accredited and recognized Institutions of Higher Learning to be considered.

Funding for SADC and International is for higher and medium priority fields of study as determined from time to time. Applicants should have obtained 35 points in grade 12 in five subjects with an E in English to qualify for funding to study abroad in medicine, engineering and related fields of study.

For other priority fields of study applicants should have obtained 30 points in grade 12 in five subjects with an E in English to qualify for funding abroad. NSFAF will only accept admission letters issued by the governments or Institutions of Higher Learning in which the students intend to study and must be in English.

On behalf of Namibian governmental institutions Applicants should have obtained 25 points in grade 12 in five subjects with an E in English to qualify for funding to study abroad excepts for medicine and engineering related fields of study which should be 35 points in grade 12 in five subjects with an E in English.

Add Ugfacts.After going through your list for Unam where I am pursuing a postgraduate diploma in business administration, I realised undergraduate with similar course were offered. We are talking of creating employment and my course is one of that line, I want help to complete my degree. Please open up and receive my application. Time is not to my side. Hello Alex, sorry for the late reply and your inconvenience.

NSFAF next application offer will be available here. Hello Harriet, the management decides on which and what school should be included as a funded tertiary.

NSFAF Login | Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund

The public will be notified of any new changes regarding funded schools. Visit the Homepage often for updates. BoxWindhoek. Can u guys tell us why some of us havent gotten our refunds from Gobabis VTC and what is delaying you guys and why cant u give us feedback on when or why we re still pending without any reason?

All inquiries and complaints in regards to the NSFAF should be directed to this e-mail intake nsfaf. Visit the homepage often for updates.

NSFAF Application Form 2020 – 2021

See details of the requirements here. Read more here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Students Awarded Financial Assistance For Below are the lists of students whose application for financial assistance have been approved. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.NOTE: All documents to be scanned in pdf and uploaded as per below guidelines.

Vocational Education and Training Financial Assistance. Payment Plans and Calculators for Students Abroad. I am currently needed a loan to further my study, my mother is unemployed and my father who is working is not afford to pay for my institution fee.

Kindly apply for a loan here.

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Beneficiaries should be graded and obtain a minimum of 20 points in six 6 subjects in grade 10 before they can be grated a loan.

You can also read more on the eligibility criteria and see if you fit in. Hellow Simeon, kindly use the same application link. If you encounter issues during the application, direct them to intake nsfaf. I am in serious need of the loan since my parents are not working they are both pensioner, I dont have one to pay for my studies and the first born of the family. Sorry for your situation Loide, kindly follow the steps provided above in other to complete your loan application.


Or click here to apply if you have read the guidelines already. Hi, i applied for a loan but the course i applied has declined. Yet i have another institution which admitted me. Will i be able to exchange the application to which my course is declined with the other that is successful? Use the contact information below for support.

nsfaf portal

See more contact details here Various offices. My you help us please! Hey…when is it applicable to apply to nasfaf for loan this year again? Application for Undergraduate applicants ends on 28 February For this reason, you can still apply for the funding. Kindly click here for the application deadlines. Click here to apply NOW! Just want to find out, my daughter was excepted for Bachelor in Nursing, forupgrading her points, waiting for the results, my concern is we want to apply for hostel and a loan is it still possible.

Hello Charlotta, the deadline for Undergraduate applicants is on the 28th February, For this reason, you can apply for the funding since we know your daughter is capable of passing.

The deadline for Undergraduate applicants is on the 28th February, See the eligibility criteria Here. For the application deadlines, click here. The postgraduate application period was from 03 December, to 4 January, Read more on the deadlines here. Application for the year is closed and you would have to wait for the next call of NSFAF application.

Visit this page often for any new announcement.

NSFAF to settle all outstanding non-tuition fees before end of February -NBC

Toll-Free: studentsrelations nsfaf. You can re-apply for the scheme during the intake. I have changed the course, now I want to re-apply for financial assistance for Another question is, which proof of registration should I attach on as a required document?Sponsored Links. Closing date for all applications is every 15th of December in exception of the fixed quotas. Late applications may not be considered. For that you must registrer on the NSFAF portal and fulfil all the information needed for the application form.

Also student has the possibility to set an appointment with the Regional Officer, if he need assistance. Once the application form acknowledged and presented to the Selection Committees for initial consideration.

Only the recommended applications are thereafter submitted for approval to the Permanent Secretary or responsible official appointed by the Board.

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After connecting to your private space, you can remotely monitor the progress of your request. Incomplete file: After the validation of the submission form, the student must go to the regional office to submit original supporting documents for verification and approval. Verification of the supported documentation provided: The responsible of the Regional Office Regional Officer will check the consistency of documents provided by the student with the information entered in the submission form in order to avoid any kind of fraud.

If there is one or more missing piece, the status of the application will be updated automatically on the system by specifying the missing piece s Complete file: All documents provided by the student are accepted. University registration: Two cases arise at this stage: Not registered yet : The student has not yet been registered at any university. The system then informs him aboutregistration deadlines. The system then informs the user to confirm with one university.I hope we all double checked if our forms were received for EIG.

What happens sometimes is, u apply and you didn't get any reply, what you can do is u can try to apply again, if it goes thru again which means it didn't probably go thru the first time. Because it went thru when u did it for the second time, after u can again check and it will clearly tell you that your form has been received and will be processed within 72hrs you don't need to apply again.

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Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Join group settings More. Takatu Hango 6 hrs. Mutabaruka Nokokure 5 hrs. Pick 1. Leo Hee Silas 18 mins. You can change your CV as much as you can If you lose you a copy of your CV we will give you a new copy.

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Our client's information is protected and kept as a secret. Mutabaruka Nokokure 12 hrs.The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund is pleased to announce commencement of the year online application process. It is mandatory that all required documents are uploaded during the application period as no additional documents will be accepted after the deadline. Click here to track your application.

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Tel: Vocational Education and Training Financial Assistance. Payment Plans and Calculators for Students Abroad. Hello Julian, Log onto the Student Portal to launch your application.

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Toll-Free: studentsrelations nsfaf. Hi am a student doing my diploma this year at one of the institutions in Namibia, last year I was doing a certificate!

Will Nsfaf be able to fund me? To qualify for a loan, you would have to satisfy the basic requirements which is 25 points. You can contact the management for additional support. Good afternoon. I was doing advance communication technology at vocational centre last year.

NSFAF Application Form 2020 – 2021

NOW I decided to do office administration still at Windhoek vocational training centre. See the breakdown of the requirements here. NSFAF paid for my academic year that was my first year. Can I reapply or reactivate my loan? Hello Jennita, kindly contact the management for assistance in regards to your issue using this e-mail intake nsfaf. Kindly see the basic requirements here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.After NSFAF was delinked from the Ministry of Education and started operating as an independent entity inmajor changes and improvements have been implemented. Administratively things have significantly improved where processes are streamlined to ensure that students' affairs are well managed. The papermill and bureaucracy of the NSFAF application process has been replaced with an online system that caters to our school-leavers and students' needs in the 21st Century.

The previous process caused not only a huge frustration for the potential students but also unnecessary workload for the NSFAF team. For the year under review, NSFAF launched an on-line application to alleviate the administrative challenges that we and our stakeholders faced in the past. To communicate and roll-out this new system and to ensure that no one was left out, a roadshow to all 14 regions of Namibia, visiting locations in the most remote and rural areas was commissioned assisting potential students with their application.

nsfaf portal

The roll-out of this new innovative technologically advanced platform had some minor teething problems, but we embraced such challenges with open arms. Constantly monitoring online how the applicants were getting on, if they could access the necessary information. This led to a much quicker turnaround time for the applicants, who knew their status within minutes or hours, instead of months as had been the case in the past.

It also meant that NSFAF was able to save costs by not printing 50, hard copy application forms and having to process them by hand. This contributed to a reduction and delays in monies received for loans, grants and bursaries to the students. Together with the Fiscus, Line Ministries and the students we are working to remedy the situation. We anticipate to have these issues to be a thing of the past as we continue to enhance our system and achieve a seamless integration with IHLs to alleviate a long verification process and thus ensuring prompt payment of registered students.

Furthermore NSFAF foresees a continued improvement of its processes, systems and service deliveries ensuring that we continue delivering financial assistance to those that need it and want to improve themselves through tertiary education.

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Especially with the professional and experienced Management Team and employees we now have in place. The Fund also saw a decrease of 5. The recovery function which is outsourced has been met with a number of challenges which is affecting collections. The team is working on attending to these challenges which will improve future collections.

Message from the CEO.


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