Osm counter tactics

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Osm counter tactics

By HyinaJune 4, in Tactical Help. In this thread I will tell you which formations counter which. This is a simple, down to earth thread, easy for everyone to use. Updated Version!!! To counteruse any formation with 5 in the midfield. To counteruseas suggested by arampage. To counteruse To counteruse defensive or To counteruse or To counteruse or wingers.

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To counteruse defensive. To counter diamond, use or To counter wingers, use or To counter defensive, use To counteruse defensive or default To counteruse wingers. To counteruse or or Note, if you have used this advice and lost a game, please post it in this thread so I can have a careful look and maybe change it.

I have un-subscribed from this thread myself due to increasing work load and other reasons. I only ever used diamond to counter it, never tried the other 2. Might give it a go and see what happens. Yes what is it Newman? How many times has played sweeper, and played defensive, what were the results, etc.?

What is a formation? Ok, good luck! Or my thread is ruined :rolleyes:. Anyway this is like last resort for me cause I have good teams losing. Result against diamond I won Dominated on possession which was 63 I had 32 total shots compared to 9 from the other team. Still awaiting result against the formation. Yay, my tactics work!!

Thank you for broadcasting my success. Second result They dominated me on possession but I had 19 Total shots compared to the other teams 8. Shots on Target 7, they had 1. Both sides are equally matched so i strongly disagree with that. You can post now and register later.

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Add to Wishlist. To go far in this Game, you must prove your football knowledge: strategy, tactics, formations play, etc.

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3 Best Tactic for 433A Online Soccer Manager

More by AppBasics See more. All tactics and tactics and other anti-important explanations. OSM Scout Assistant. Find the perfect addition to your squad. See more. Football Director 17 - Soccer. Sports Director Ltd. Football Tycoon. Red Cats Ltd. Fire the manager! Build your own football empire and become a Football Tycoon!

Go Play Games Ltd. Be more than just a soccer manager in Club Soccer Director Soccer Agent - Mobile Football Manager Bambo Studio. Recruit stars to this soccer manager and become a billionaire football agent!I want to discuss the best tactics and formations to win the match. Ok, first you must know what team do you handle. But there is a possibility of strong teams can use defensive tactics if needed, as well as underdogs who can use attack tactics.

Because there are many formations in Online Soccer Manager, I have 2 formations that I like the most. The formation is B and But, I'm suggesting you play or attacking if you want to create many goals. I'm using this formation and tactics almost in every league. Because there is another factor that can affect results such as, player overalls, player position placement, stamina, morale etc.

From that formations and tactics, you can make your own style of play.

When to play counter-attack - osm tactic

Maybe you can find stronger tactics than mine. If you doubt the formation and tactic you can try it in the friendly match. Find the right composition for your team. Hope it can help you who new to this game.

I will response ASAP. See you later and Goodluck. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. Emoticon Emoticon. Online Soccer Manager Guides. I want to discuss the best tRecently after the big update, most of the counter formations have changed.

Now I tried B base in all the game world for two months and I got the same results: always Won. I just can't find a counter for this broken formation. Any ideas? This formation with a general value of 92 is unbeatable and play against with B is not the solution.

Best Formations and Tactics Online Soccer Manager 2018

This game is broken. Thanks for the advice and sorry for my english. Thanks for the answer, but I used against it and I lost Barcellona with this formation is unbeatable. At the same time, this leaves the flanks uncovered as the wingers are usually more attacking minded and don't track back. The key man of this module is the DM in the front of the defense, which is usually a DLP and also operate as half-back.

osm counter tactics

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osm counter tactics

Upload or insert images from URL. Tactical Help Search In. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted February 1, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 6, Posted February 10, Posted March 4, If you're looking for a way to beat the B OSM formation, I have the following anti-formations and tactics.

Before that, this anti-tactic is suitable if the team you handle is stronger or equal to the enemy team. If the team you are working on, is a team with a lower-middle-class target, make sure all the players on your team have been upgraded. To beat the B Formation, I used the A formation. Although this formation only uses 3 central defenders, It's very difficult to break. Especially if you have a high-quality defender. So you must maximize this A formation to defeat b. If you have a fund, try to upgrade wing players first and your defender.

But in this formation, I don't use any offside trap strategy. For the result : What makes this tactic I share to you guys is because this tactic has managed to beat the 1st rank manager in my league. This is for the proof of the standings Although I'm in the second position, at least this formation can make him lose and can reduce the distance point. Well, if you're still hesitant to use this tactic it's good you try first in a friendly match.

Good luck! I hope this formation and tactic can be helpful to beat B formation in Online Soccer Manager. Actually, I have another tactic to beat B. But, I will share it in the future article. See ya! Emoticon Emoticon. Online Soccer Manager Guides. The tactic like this :. How To Beat Tactics. Related Posts. Next Post. Previous Post.

osm counter tactics

Unknown January 8, at AM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Thanks for stoping by at my osm journal. Sorry i didn't play OSM again, so this blog only have a few article. Feel free to use my formations and tactics that I use often in the game. Popular Tactics.Online Soccer Manager is a very popular game so I thought I should give the tactic another change too prove itself. This time I played with Tottenham Hotspur and tried the exact same tactics. I played in a A formation.

In the picture below you will see all the tactics settings. One really important thing is the positions for your players in the line-up. The striker always must be a player with a defensive score of less than The wingers on the other hand, need a defensive score of at least 25 points. Both side midfielders need to be better in attack than in defence, while the centre midfielder needs to be equally good in attack and defence.

How To Beat 433B Formation Online Soccer Manager

The objective for Tottenham Hotspur was the 6th place. This is a screenshot I took after the last match in this competition. So we could say the second opinion was a success. I think this league table says it all. Won 36 times, draw 2 times, lost 0 times. You say the 2 behind should have more attack than defending and the one on the front should have balanced stats? Is it right?

My centre CM always is a balanced players and the two on the wings are better in attack. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and your compliments! This is very important for this tactic. GK: As high as possible Right and Left Fullbacks: Defensive as high as possible, attacking minimum of 25 Centre backs: Defensive as high as possible, attacking maximum of 24 Centre midfielder: defensive equal to attacking Other midfielders: attacking minimal 5 points better than defensive Striker: Attacking as high as possible, defensive not bigger than Wingers: Attacking as high as possible, defensive minimal of Make sure you have a back-up player for all this positions.

So at least 1 GK, 1 Fullback, 1 centre back etc. I have a doubt. Its less effective when the opponente strikers have a better ability than your defenders.

Best OSM tactics | Second opinion

I always used this tactics, never changed anything during the season. If you think you need to switch you should do that. Just wanted to say that I used this tactic on Everton against my friends and ended up in first place! E buraz da te pitam znaci krila moraju imati vise od 25 odbranu a de mi reci za sredinu posto nisam nikada igrao ofazivnim taktikama ali igram sa besiktasom i imam zadatak 1 biti a igrao sam formacijom i sutevi iz svih pozicija ali nikad nisam igrao sa timom za prvo mjesto pa ako moze samo sredinu da pojasnis hvala unapred.

What tactics do you suggest? I used this today against World all stars but I lost I am convinced this tactics almost always works with the right players. What happen if you dont have the center backs with points and the striker because im usinng totenham squad without transfers. Hi Stefan, Thanks for useful article. I am playing OSM for 6 months. I first tried B.How to Beat 4 3 3 A Visit this forum if you need advice with the set up of your tactic or if you want to share your own tactic.

He plays with a tactic that i teach him, with that tactic i win 4 championships only with victorys and 2 or 3 draws. I play with this 4 3 3 with other teams but against better teams i can't use this tactic Because he use the same. This is a huge 4 3 3, this is the only tactic that i could never beat when i play against a team with better players than mine. You can check my OSM profile: Kevin The Big Ticket Garnet Thank you so much for the help, as i say on the other topic i am almost on the top of my country and i really want to get there This formation looks rather defensive within the fieldplay, but the advanced tactic seems offensive.

It looks rather peculiar to me, but if it works, then I suppose I am not one to comment on the oddity. From my personal experience, I can say that I've gained positive results using the formation, shoot on sight. I've written a topic about it, which you can find in my signature. Another advice I would like to hand out to you, is to just play what you're comfortable with.

You know how this formation works, so you might as well know that you can beat it using it yourself as well. If you are unsure if you can win in any condition, you might want to take the loss, possibly aiming for a draw, while you play all or nothing.

You can save your training camp If you were planning on using it for an important other match in the future. Hopefully you will be able to use my words effectively, good luck in your match against Bayern! Hoe speel je OSM? I will see your 4 2 3 1 on the topic. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 14 guests.

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